Aplikasi paip HDPE


Because HDPE pipes with corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, wear resistance, resistance to cracking and other advantages, so it can be widely used in the following areas:

1, bekalan air bandar: Keselamatan paip HDPE, kebersihan, pembinaan mudah menjadikannya salah satu paip terbaik untuk bekalan air bandar.

2, natural gas, gas pipeline: HDPE pipe stable performance, reliable connections, corrosion, is the only choice for low pressure gas pipelines.

3, food and chemical industries: corrosion resistance of HDPE can be used to transport various acids alkaline salt solutions, the service life is long.

4, ore, slurry transportation: may be used for conveying ore slurry, fly ash from power plants, river dredging and so forth.

5, to replace the cement, iron pipes and steel pipe: when you need to reform the city's old pipes, you can avoid massive excavation, simply insert the HDPE pipe replaced the old, shorter construction time, low cost.

6, rangkaian penghijauan: HDPE paip kos rendah, landskap dan sebilangan besar paip boleh dipromosikan.

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