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Butt Welding Machine Do The Inspection Work Regularly


Butt Welding Machine The equipment needed for welding process----welding equipment, including welding machine, welding process equipment and welding aids.

Every enterprise or individual engaged in welding work wants to give full play to the performance of the equipment and prolong the service life of the machine. To achieve this goal, in addition to the correct use of welding equipment according to operating procedures, but also regular maintenance and maintenance work. The following on the torch, wire feeding device and welding machine maintenance points are explained.

I. Maintenance Butt Welding Machine 

1. Mengendalikan pemeriksaan dan penggantian muncung konduktif secara tetap.

Because the diameter of the worn conductive nozzle becomes larger, the arc is unstable, the weld appearance deteriorates or the sticky wire (back to burn), the conductive nozzle end is glued on the splash, the wire feed will become not smooth, the conductive nozzle is screwed tightly, the thread connection will be heated and die.

2. The spring hose is regularly cleaned and replaced.

Spring Hose long time after use, will accumulate a large number of iron powder, dust, wire, such as the plating, so that the wire feeding instability. So it's important to clean up regularly, curl it and tap it, shake it off, and blow it off with compressed air. The grease on the hose should be washed in the oil with a brush and then blown with compressed air. Spring hose If the wrong wire or serious deformation bending, it is necessary to replace the new hose. The tube should be confirmed to be suitable for the diameter and length of the wire used, and do not appear burr in the cut-off surface.

3. Check the insulation ring.

If the insulation ring is removed, the splash will be glued to the nozzle to guide the nozzle with the electrically charged part. The torch may be burnt by short circuit. At the same time, in order to protect the gas flow evenly, must be fitted with insulation rings.

II. Maintenance of wire feeding equipment

1. Add Pressure adjustment

The wire feeding roller pressure should be adjusted according to the diameter of the wire. If the pressure is not enough, the wire will slip, the pressure is too large, welding wire will be carved, deformed. If the use of cored wire, wire feeding wheel to add pressure than the solid wire smaller.

2. Adjustment of wire straightening device

The adjustment method of the welding wire straightening device varies according to the type of machine, and should be adjusted to the suitable position of the welding wire diameter According to the manufacturer's mark.

3. Welding Wire Plate Installation

Jika pemasangan tidak dipasang, plat wayar dalam putaran risiko jatuh ke bawah, menyebabkan akibat yang serius. Periksa sama ada blok brek atau selak dipasang dengan pasti.

4. Wire feeding wheels and the diameter of the wires used

It must be fitted with a wire feed wheel suitable for the diameter of the wire, and check whether the number engraved on the roller is consistent with the diameter of the wire.

5. The abrasion and fouling of the wire feeding roller groove

Check the wire roller groove whether wear, groove surface is carved, whether the groove adhesion dust, iron powder, wire plating, etc. Wipe with cotton cloth and so on when cleaning.

6. Guide Silk Mouth Inspection

Installed in the wire feed wheel before and after the guide silk mouth wear or with the wire feed wheel is not horizontal, it will lead to wire bending, wire feed instability, therefore, must be regularly inspected and repaired.

Ketiga, penyelenggaraan mesin kimpalan

First of all, it is necessary to note that in the implementation of welding machine internal or external connectors Terminal inspection, the power supply switch must be closed before it can be implemented.

1. Lakukan kerja pemeriksaan secara teratur. Sebagai contoh, periksa kuasa mesin kimpalan, putaran kipas penyejuk adalah lancar, sama ada terdapat getaran yang tidak normal, bunyi dan bau berlaku, kebocoran gas, sambungan dawai yang dikimpal dan penebat pembalut adalah longgar atau mengelupas, kabel kimpalan dan bahagian pendawaian adalah fenomena pemanasan yang tidak normal.

2. Since the welder is forced to air cooling, it is easy to inhale dust from the surrounding area and accumulate in the machine. So we can periodically use clean and dry compressed air to blow the dust off the welder's interior. In particular, transformers, reactance coils and coil coils between the gap and power semiconductor parts to be specially cleaned.

3. Check the wiring parts of power wiring regularly. The force side, the output side of the terminal, as well as the wiring of the external wiring parts, wiring parts of the line and other locations of the wiring screws are loose, rust to remove the rust to make contact with good conductivity.

4. Penggunaan mesin kimpalan jangka panjang pasti akan membuat cengkerang kerana sentuhan dan ubah bentuk, karat dan kerosakan, bahagian dalaman juga akan dibunuh, jadi dalam penyelenggaraan dan pemeriksaan tahunan untuk menjalankan penggantian bahagian-bahagian yang rosak dan pembaikan shell dan bahagian penebatan penebatan tetulang dan lain-lain kerja pembaikan komprehensif. Penggantian bahagian-bahagian yang rosak dalam penyelenggaraan yang terbaik boleh sekali kali penggantian produk baru untuk memastikan prestasi pengimpal.

The above-mentioned regular maintenance and inspection can reduce the occurrence of welding failure, although it takes some time and energy, but can prolong the life of welder, and can improve the efficiency of operation, ensure the performance of welder and improve safety. is the welding work must not neglect an important content.

IV. Three important points for automatic welding equipment

1, flexible and diverse solder way, at the same time to support spot welding and drag welding (pull welding), automatic solder equipment All the parameters can be set by customers themselves to adapt to a variety of difficult solder operation and micro-solder process, all the solder parameters can be accompanied by the welding point coordinate program read and save, to achieve the flexibility of the solder operation.

2, soldering iron components can be arbitrary angle, arbitrary azimuth adjustment, control of the Iron group of the R-axis, can be 360 degrees of free rotation, according to different pads and components arbitrarily set the number of tin, preheating time and solder time, to achieve a variety of solder joints of the complex welding process, to achieve a variety of solder operations.