Paip HDPE untuk Bekalan Air Standard ISO 4427


HDPE pipe/HDPE pipe fittings/HDPE butt fusion fittings/ HDPE electrofusion fittings

Info asas

  • Material: HDPE

  • Spesifikasi:Dn20-1000 untuk paip HDPE, DN20-800mm untuk kelengkapan paip HDPE (DN20-630mm untuk kelengkapan elektrofusion HDPE, DN63-800mm untuk kelengkapan fusion HDPE butt)

  • Trademark: SUNPLAST

  • HS Code:3917210000 untuk paip HDPE, 391740000 untuk kelengkapan paip HDPE / kelengkapan fusion HDPE butt / kelengkapan elektrofusion HDPE

  • SDR: SDR11, SDR13.6, SDR17, SDR21 SDR26 untuk paip HDPE, SDR11 SDR17 untuk kelengkapan paip HDPE / kelengkapan fusion HDPE / kelengkapan elektrofusion HDPE

  • Thickness: 2.3-59.3mm

  • Tempat asal:  China (Mainland)

  • Loading port: Ningbo or Shanghai

Penerangan Produk

Pipa HDPE untuk bekalan air


Our HDPE pipes are widely used in such field as water and drainage water, dredging, transportation, environmental protection, and chemical industry etc.

Superior performance:
1. Long service life: Under rated temperature and pressure, the PE pipe can be used safety for more than 50 years.

2. Excellent resistance to corrosion capability: Except few strong oxidants, it can endure the erosion of various kinds of chemical media, no electrochemical corrosion.

3. Excellent transportation capability: The inner side of the PE pipe is smooth and has litter abrasion and resistance. The absolute roughness k=1.01mm and "k" will not change with time.

4. Reliable joint capability: The intensity of the welded joint of PE pipes is above the pipe itself. The interface will not disconnect because of the moving of soil or the live load.

5. Reliable safety capability: HDPE pipe has strong capability of anti-cracking and is not prone to crack.

6. Rintangan yang lebih baik kepada keupayaan gegaran: Pipa HDPE mempunyai keliatan yang tinggi dan boleh menanggung kesan yang kuat. Tekanan benda-benda berat tidak akan menyebabkan paip pecah.

7. Kekuatan yang kuat: Pipa HDPE adalah sejenis paip yang mempunyai ketangguhan yang tinggi yang memanjangkan laju pemanjangan secara amnya melebihi 500% dan mempunyai keupayaan yang kuat untuk menyesuaikan diri dengan penyelesaian yang tidak rata dari paip membongkok.

8. Excellent flexibility: HDPE pipe can be easy to change in accordance with the construction requirements. Small-diameter pipe is available to be supplied in coils.

9. Installation cost lower: Light weight, easy handling and installing, simple welding technique and exemption of being embalmed result in low construction cost.

Technical Parameter

All of HDPE pipe/HDPE pipe fittings/HDPE butt fusion fittings/ HDPE electrofusion fittings can fully comply with ISO4427 standard, with technical parameters as follows:


Test Items



Surface finish check

       Smooth, no kalahct



        Dimensional check

As per ISO4427 standard


Elongation At Break



Longitudinal reversion At 110℃, 1h

3% (no effect on surface)


Masa induksi pengoksidaan pada 200â "ƒ



Melt flow rate/MFR at 190℃, 5KGS, 10min.

Change of MFR by pocessing of ±20%


Hydraulic strength at 20℃, 12.4Mpa for 100h

No failure during test period


Hydraulic strength at 80℃, 5.4Mpa for 165h

No failure during test period

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