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ISO4427/AS/NZS4130 HDPE Pipe and Fittings Prices SDR11/SDR13.6/SDR17/SDR21/SDR26/SDR33


Basic Info

  • Hardness: Hard Tube

  • Color: Black with Blue Streak

  • Shape: Round

  • Length: 6 Meter or as Requested

  • out Diameter: 20mm-630mm

  • Logo: L&Y or Customized

  • Certified: ISO9001-2008

  • Port: Shanghai,Ningbo

  • Trademark: Sunplast or OEM

  • HS Code: 3917210000

  • Material: PE

  • Type: Thermoplastic Pipe

  • Hollow: Hollow

  • Usage: Water Supply Pipe

  • Pressure Rate: 1.6MPa, 1.25MPa, 1.0MPa, 0.8MPa, 0.6MPa

  • Thickness: 2.3mm-57.2mm

  • Masa penghantaran: 7-35days

  • Advantage: OEM

  • Life Span: 50 Years

  • Pakej pengangkutan: Packing Nuded

  • Origin: Zhejiang Provice,China

Product Description

HDPE water supply pipe use PE110 or PE80  as raw materials, processing good flexibility, corrosion resistance, excellent impact resistance and other characteristics, pipe and fittings can be employed melt socket connection,  Butt and fused connection,to insure the pipe system safety and reliability as well as low construction cost.

--Paip HDPE Pengenalan--
1) Bahan: PE100 atau PE80 yang berkualiti
2) Sizes: 20mm -- 315mm 
3) Pressure Rating:0.4MPa -- 1.6MPa
4) Colors:  black or other colors on request
5) Connection: hot melt fusion joint,butt fusion,electric connection,flange connection
6) Standard: GB,DIN

--Products Performance--

Paip PE yang sesuai untuk keperluan prestasi bekalan air
Name Requirements Test parameters
Hydrostatic strength ≥100h No leaks no failure 20degree, PE 80:10.0MPa PE100:12.4MPa
≥165h No leaks no failure 80degree, PE 80:4.6MPa PE100:5.5MPa
≥1000h No leaks no failure 20 darjah, PE 80: 4.0MPa PE100: 5.0MPa
(MFR)Melt flow rate Perubahan dalam MFR dengan pemprosesan  ± 20% 10min
Thermal stability ≥20min 200degree
Rintangan padat untuk pemasangan soket elektrofusi Length of intiation rupture in failure failureâ ‰ ¤L2 / 3 23degree
Rintangan padat untuk pemasangan soket elektrofusi Rupture surface in brittle failure≤25% 23degree
Tesile strength for butt fusion fitting-spigoted fittings Uji kegagalan, mulur: lulus; rapuh: gagal 23degree
Impact resistance of tapping tees No leaks, no failure Mass of striker(2500±20)g;   Height:(2000±10)mm
Sendi mekanikal
Leaktingtness under internal pressure No leaks, 1h 1.5a paip (PN, tekanan nominal)
Leaktingtness di bawah tekanan dalaman apabila tertakluk kepada lenturan No leaks, 1h 1.5a paip (PN, tekanan nominal)
External pressure test No leaks, 1h  P=0.01MPa,1h  P=0.08Mpa
Rintangan untuk tarik di bawah daya lentur malar No pull-out or separation of the pipe from the fitting 1h 23degree

- Ciri Produk--

1) Light weight                                     7) Corrosion resistance
2) Flexibility                                           8) Environmental stress crack resistance
3) Ketahanan 9) Rintangan tikus beku
4) Chemically Inert                              10) Hygienic safety
5) Resistance to Abrasion                  11) Easy & quick installation
6) Smooth surface

--Product Photos--

--Products Application & Advantages--

1. Ia digunakan untuk menyambung paip semua spesifikasi yang mempunyai bahan yang sama dan sistem SDR yang sama

2. It possesses reliable connectivity, high interface strength, good airtight performance, and stable welding performance.

3. It is easily welded and operated, and conveniently used.

4. It is not easily affected by changes in environment temperature or human factors.

5. The hidden spiral heating wires buried inside can effectively resist oxidation and rust corrosion, ensuring stable welding performance.

6. The cost of equipment investment and maintenance is low.

- Perkhidmatan Jualan--

Packaging : roll plastic bag for pipe ,put fittings into nylon bags then out of carton

Penghantaran: Untuk pesanan sampel, kami menyokong pemindahan melalui ekspres antarabangsa, seperti FEDEX, DHL, TNT atau EMS;

For final order,we do sea shipping ,our factory are near from shanghai port and ningbo port ,we can transfer goods to port within 6 hours 

Penghantaran: Dalam tempoh 7-30 hari selepas menerima deposit

We promise our customers the Best-Quality products with reasonable price.